The Life-Cycles of Schools and Leaders

LSC presented at the recent IPSEF conference in Kuala Lumpur, on finding the ‘right fit’ Head for a school. Our experience and research has shown that both international schools and Heads follow their own, individual life-cycles. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the right match and we should avoid pigeonholing schools or Heads into a particular ‘type’.

Life-cycles usually involve stages of start-up, growth, consolidation, basking and re-inventing. The stages can be influenced and affected by a school’s history, its ownership and governance, aims and ambitions, processes and structures. Heads go through similar life-cycle stages of their own career and development, from starting-out, to growing, consolidating, basking and reinventing themselves. They have a range of personal and professional needs including, but not limited to, challenge, a values fit with the school, and security and happiness of their family.

In recognising these life-cycles, at LSC we work to a matrix in helping schools identify their new leader, which not only ensures they have the relevant experience and skills for the role, but perhaps more crucially that there is a values-fit, the necessary commitment to the role, and that they show cultural adaptability. 

To discuss further how LSC Education can help you identify the 'right-fit' leader for your school or organisation, please contact us.

Dr Helen Wright At IPSEF KL