Have we got space and time for staff wellbeing?

The wellbeing of pupils is rightfully rising on school agendas, with mental health awareness becoming a key priority. During a recent visit to a school in the Middle East, I saw an impressive example of providing staff with wellbeing support. Mental health for both pupils and staff are a focus and go hand in hand in this school’s culture. The school had invested in a Wellness Centre for staff. Walking into this space was surprising and indeed very relaxing. Low lighting, soft music, ergonomic chairs and partitioned areas combined to create an oasis of calm in the centre of this busy, bustling school.

The facility provides staff with a place to go, to have a few moments of peace, quiet and reflection when they need it. While all those in education will recognise that the opportunity to seize some ‘time-out’ might be limited, the presence of the centre sends an important message to staff about their personal value and the school’s commitment to their welfare.

Perhaps we should be asking the question – Does your school have a staff wellbeing strategy? Investing in the staff’s holistic health must be a focus and will surely help with retaining and motivating great teams.