LSC Education are thrilled to see our article featured in the latest education book by David James and Jane Lunnon - THE STATE OF INDEPENDENCE, currently No 1 Best seller on Amazon.

About the book

Exploring the most significant challenges facing independent schools today, this book asks leading figures from education, economics, politics, philosophy and the arts to give their views on how independent schools can adapt to rapidly changing markets which see them scrutinised as never before.

Acknowledging the independent sector as a vital and growing part of the global education system, this book explores how schools are to respond to financial, moral, pastoral and academic challenges, and so ensure their own survival, and the futures of the children they educate. Breaking a complex and varied field down into ten clear areas of analysis, essays written by leading education experts tackle the key challenges faced by independent schools around the world. Commentators consider the issues created by the upward trend of educating international students, question the extent to which independent schools have echoed societal movements towards greater access, diversity and gender fluidity, and provide first-hand insight into the experiences of staff, pupils and parents involved in the everyday functioning and longer-term development of the independent sector.

A health check on this most controversial of sectors, this book will enlighten and inform not only those working in independent schools today, but anyone interested in education, and will make an important contribution to a bigger debate about the place of independent schools at a time of political, economic and societal uncertainty.