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Global Schools' Alliance

The Global Schools' Alliance  (GSA) is an exclusive coalition of innovative schools from around the world. It provides progressive schools across the globe an opportunity to connect with like-minded schools. Members are invited to reach out for advice, support and peer critique to sustain the innovative child-centered edge. Membership to the GSA is by invitation only and it consists of a handful of carefully selected  schools. Vega Schools is the only Indian school that is a part of the GSA.

Vega is the name of the brightest star in the Lyra constellation. This is the inspiration  behind the school; guiding each unique child  to discover the star within and shine bright.

Vega is an innovative, pre-nursery to grade 12 school that strives to transform the way education has been imparted so far and pave the way for a better learning experience that positively impacts young minds. Construction has now begun on a second state of the art school, with a capacity for 2250 students. Both schools are designed by the leading education architects of the world (Fielding Nair International, USA). Its entire campus is designed based on scientific research into why and how we learn (Harvard University Press - Blueprint for tomorrow).

Vega is one of the few Project Based Learning (PBL) schools in India following the CBSE Boards. They have remapped the curriculum to address current and emerging needs of higher educational institutes and employers, both in India and across the globe. They use a 21st Century skill-based curriculum which is personalised to each child's interests and passions, as well as pace and learning style. At Vega, their goal is to inspire all children to love school, develop a burning desire to learn and to find new and better ways of doing things.

PBL is an innovative, in-depth and systematic teaching method that engages the Learner in the act of learning about different subjects simultaneously and not in silos. Learners are encouraged to research and identify a real-world problem, arrive at a solution using evidence to support the claim and present the solution by developing a public product or presentation for a real audience. It inspires Learners to make a connection between their learning in the classroom and application in the real world. The learning at Vega is mentored and supervised by its co founder, Dr. Steven Edwards (former advisor to The Whitehouse, UN and The World Bank), who is regarded as the world’s leading PBL expert. PBL is one of the most effective ways to imbibe real world skills in children and to prepare them for the challenging world of tomorrow. Children with these skills become lifelong learners and outperform their peers both academically and in their eventual careers.

To put it simply, PBL is the building of thought processes in Learners to help them identify a real-world problem and develop its solution. The main goal of PBL is to develop a lifelong problem solving attitude in learners which transcends their school years. Vega’s real world relevance and immersive learning approach fosters a love for learning among its Learners, developing their social and emotional intelligence and 21st century workspace skills, such as including teamwork, consensus building, questioning, analytical thinking and creative problem solving. Learners are able to grasp key concepts faster and achieve higher depths of knowledge, retention, and application. These higher order thinking skills create confident, adaptable, lifelong learners who will thrive in a rapidly changing world.

The Board are now seeking to recruit an Executive Director to ensure exceptional management of both schools with the first main object as overseeing and managing the existing primary school and to ensure it becomes a great PBL school. The second main objective will be to oversee the development of the second, new, school (primary, middle and senior school) and ensure it becomes a great PBL school.

A school with no classrooms

Vega Schools’ buildings threw out the outdated idea of classroom teaching spaces and incorporated architectural innovations designed specifically around how children learn. Vega's innovative circular building designers, FNI USA and EDA Bangalore guided by Prakash Nair (architect, educationalist, and author of Blueprint for Tomorrow), thought through every aspect of the building with these specific needs in mind.. Here are some unique features of Vega Schools' building:

 ● Its unique circular design ensures that there are no dark corners, Incorporates brightly colored window panels which allow natural light in throughout the day while keeping heat out. Seamlessly fuses the work and play areas while letting the indoors flow fluidly into the outdoor nature learning areas. Centralized air purification system maintains prescribed levels of CO2, PM10, and PM2.5 levels throughout the building to improve cognition and concentration levels.

Carefully selected interior colors and layouts increase levels of focus, mood, well-being, and learning. Its unique design provides multiple learning areas such as:
● Individual quiet zones for study and play; 

● Small group spaces for team learning;

● One-on-one discussion areas for student-learning leader clarifications;

● Large group activity zones to support personalized education and immersive learning;

● Nine dedicated floor spaces accommodate flexible layouts needed for diverse learning strategies. Interest zones and activity clusters are spaced throughout in a manner that allows constant monitoring. Older children have learning studios, technology zones, collaboration areas, and activity centers;

Dynamic learning enabled in open plan classrooms:

● Research has shown a positive association between movement in the classroom and cognitive skills, academic achievement, test scores, and behavior.

Open learning spaces are created to enrich a child's experience by promoting the stimulation of all senses. Progressive schools are aware that personalised learning has to factor in different learning styles (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic), which are constrained by traditional school design. Classrooms at Vega, better known as learning spaces are flexible open space environments which facilitate student choice, increase student engagement and improve student participation. Students are actively involved in constructing content and new ideas and engaged in real, relevant, and purposeful activities thus helping them engage in critical thinking.

Vision - To conscientiously create a model of 21st Century education that uses proven techniques to achieve outstanding academic and personal development of all students.  Vega aims to ensure the future value and success of all alumni worldwide.

Mission - To build and establish 21st Century schools with Learning Leaders who are trained to discover the unique star within each child, who will in turn make a lasting impact to society.

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