The rapid pace of change, development and opportunity in global Education continues. Over the past month, we have been travelling around the Middle East, Asia and Europe attending Education conferences, meeting school leaders, investors, suppliers, advisers and general enthusiasts.

One presentation we listened to posed the question ‘boom or bust?’ for international schools in a particular country. Perhaps, more crucially, we should being asking how the sector will cope with the impending boom? On a global scale, growth is forecast from the current 8,178 English-medium international schools to over 16,000 by 2026.

Investors, and ‘brand’ schools wanting to branch out internationally, are asking ‘where do we start and what country would suit us best?’, as well as ‘what business models are available to us?’ and ‘what regulatory issues will we face?’.

'Where will we find all the teachers needed to meet this growth?' is proving to be a major global issue. According to ISC statistics, the demand for teachers will increase phenomenally over the next decade. There are very real concerns about how the sector will cope with this demand. Dr Helen Wright, LSC Associate Consultant, has some inspiring ideas about how the UK can support with this issue in her article "Gold Tickets: why international teachers are a boon to the UK and world economy".

Aside from questions of quantity, creating schools of outstanding quality must be a priority for all. If the question arises about how to find outstanding leaders for these schools, LSC Education has the answer to that one! For all of the other questions above, if you need answers, I’m sure we can put you in touch with the right people…

Dr Helen Wright At IPSEF KL