Unravelling Your 21st Century Daughter's Relationships: An Anxious Parent's Guide

Hoping to better understand your teenage daughter? LSC Consultant, Dr Helen Wright’s newly published book could be the answer to fathoming what is really going on in your daughter’s life.

Focusing on one of her areas of educational expertise; supporting parents of teenage girls, Helen’s third book is a no-nonsense, snappy guide to your teenage daughter’s relationships.

Distilling the knowledge and wisdom acquired over two decades by one of the UK’s leading Head Teachers, and an active proponent of girls’ education, the book is a fount of knowledge and will be a source of enormous encouragement to parents. It explores what is really going on in your daughter’s life and it gives profound, practical, impartial, warm advice about how to manage this turbulent time.

Key learnings are turned into memorable messages, grouped in each section under ‘What Parents Need to Know’ and ‘What Parents Need to Do’, enabling parents to dip in and dip out for tips.


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